Canadian Jamboree Needs
1st Canadian Jamboree - CJ'49 - Contingents - Other Countries
Delegacion CubanaNeed
1st Canadian Jamboree - CJ'49 - Special/Events/Staff
49 Felt Souvenir CrestNeed
Blanket BadgeNeed
Staff Arm BandNeed
1st Canadian Jamboree - CJ'49 - Group Contingents
Cabot Troop - Winning PatrolNeed
1st Canadian Jamboree - CJ'49 - Pins/Buttons/Coins
Nova Scotia Wooden PinNeed
1st Canadian Jamboree - CJ'49 - Printed Material
2nd Hamilton CardNeed
Daily News BookNeed
No Picture AvailableNewspapersNeed
Your Information ManualNeed
1st Canadian Jamboree - CJ'49 - Other
Jamboree Ottawa PenantNeed
No Picture AvailableLeather WoggleNeed
No Picture AvailableScarfNeed
No Picture AvailableWindsor district ScarfNeed
2nd Canadian Jamboree - CJ'53 - Provincial Contingents
No Picture AvailableOntarioNeed
2nd Canadian Jamboree - CJ'53 - Contingents - Other Countries
USA (Embroidered Version of Camp Crest)Need
2nd Canadian Jamboree - CJ'53 - Special/Events/Staff
No Picture AvailableHat BadgeNeed
No Picture AvailableScarf BadgeNeed
2nd Canadian Jamboree - CJ'53 - Printed Material
Promotional PosterNeed
Scouts Canada CatalogNeed
2nd Canadian Jamboree - CJ'53 - Other
Saskatchewan ScarfNeed
Traffic ArmbandNeed
3rd Canadian Jamboree - CJ'61 - Precamps
Signal Hill Campout (Post Camp - 1963)Need
3rd Canadian Jamboree - CJ'61 - Special/Events/Staff
Scarf BadgeNeed
3rd Canadian Jamboree - CJ'61 - District/Region Contingents
No Picture AvailableHamiltonNeed
New KensingtonNeed
3rd Canadian Jamboree - CJ'61 - Group Contingents
Ontario Troop 1 – Quinte RegionNeed
Ontario Troop 3Need
Ontario Troop 18Need
Ontario Troop 20 - The Industrial Hub of CanadaNeed
Ontario Troop 26Need
3rd Canadian Jamboree - CJ'61 - Printed Material
Adventure AwardNeed
Charcoal CookingNeed
Feeding HandbookNeed
Newspapers - Bound EditionNeed
No Picture AvailableParticpants Policy BookNeed
Post CardNeed
Programme HandbookNeed
3rd Canadian Jamboree - CJ'61 - Other
BSA Troop ScarfNeed
Leather Badge - BeigeNeed
Leather Badge - BlueNeed
Leather Badge - BrownNeed
Leather Badge - PinkNeed
Leather Badge - PurpleNeed
Leather Badge - YellowNeed
Walking Stick PlaqueNeed
4th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'77 - Provincial Contingents
New BrunswickNeed
4th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'77 - Precamps
Lynn Valley PrecampNeed
4th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'77 - District/Region Contingents
Dartmouth south CQ Jamboree 77Need
Trent Valley PresquilleNeed
4th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'77 - Group Contingents
3rd PictonNeed
4th Fredericton NB - BlueNeed
4th Fredericton NB - GreenNeed
12th BramptonNeed
13, 31, 81 Tene-AngopteNeed
33rd Winnipeg Saongy-Tay-AyNeed
41st Brevoort BearsNeed
4th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'77 - Event Buttons
1 - Darnley Rafts - July 8 pm (Green)Need
2 - Fun & Profit - July 9 am (Yellow)Need
3 - Water Logging - July 5 am (Yellow)Need
3 - Water Logging - July 9 pm (Green)Need
No Picture Available4 - Forestry - July 4 am (Yellow)Need
4 - Forestry - July 4 pm (Green)Need
4 - Forestry - July 6 am (Yellow)Need
5 - Rodeo - July 3 am (Yellow)Need
6 - Highland Games July 3 pm (Green)Need
No Picture Available6 - Highland Games July 6 pm (Green)Need
6 - Highland Games July 9 pm (Green)Need
7 - Adventure Trail - July 6 am (Yellow)Need
No Picture Available7 - Adventure Trail - July 7 am (Yellow)Need
7 - Adventure Trail - July 9 am (Yellow)Need
8 - Trip To Summerside - July 2 pm (Green)Need
8 - Trip To Summerside - July 5 am (Yellow)Need
8 - Trip To Summerside - July 9 am (Yellow)Need
9 - Island Tour - July 4 am (Yellow)Need
9 - Island Tour - July 5 am (Yellow)Need
11 - Leathercraft - July 7 pm-2 (Green)Need
11 - Leathercraft - July 8 pm-2 (Green)Need
20 - Service Project - July 8 am (Yellow)Need
C - Orienteering - July 4 pm (Dark Blue)Need
E - Golf - July 3 pm (Dark Blue)Need
H - Island Tour - July 7 am (Light Blue)Need
4th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'77 - Pins/Buttons/Coins
No Picture AvailableHighland Games ButtonNeed
4th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'77 - Printed Material
3rd Bells CornersNeed
Aerial PhotoNeed
Featured MenusNeed
Jamboree ManualNeed
4th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'77 - Other
29th VancouverNeed
153 Ardrossan StickerNeed
Scarf - YellowNeed
Yukon ScarfNeed
5th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'81 - Provincial Contingents
New BrunswickNeed
5th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'81 - Contingents - Other Countries
BSA - Bucks CountyNeed
BSA - Mount RainerNeed
Medicine Hat/MaltaNeed
5th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'81 - Subcamps
Moose Award - NBNeed
Nanook - Subcamp Chiefs ChallengeNeed
5th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'81 - Special/Events/Staff
Blue Plastic Event Crest (Emergencies)Need
Blue Plastic Event Crest (Forestry)Need
Blue Plastic Event Crest (Klondike)Need
Blue Plastic Event Crest (Obstacle Challenge)Need
Blue Plastic Event Crest (Pioneering)Need
Blue Plastic Event Crest (Scoutcraft)Need
Blue Plastic Event Crest (Scout Skills Hike)Need
Silk CrestNeed
5th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'81 - Precamps
Burnaby Region PrecampNeed
Calgary Precamp Camporee 1980 – Looking Ahead to CJ’81Need
Elk Island District precampNeed
Nahani West Can-TourNeed
North Peace PrecampNeed
Prince Albert CamporeeNeed
No Picture AvailableSouth Peace JamboretteNeed
Spruce Woods Venture PrecampNeed
5th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'81 - District/Region Contingents
No Picture AvailableBendale VenturersNeed
Little FortNeed
Mono MillsNeed
No Picture AvailableNorth HaltonNeed
Northern Lights OntarioNeed
North Waterloo - Gold backgroundNeed
Pine Beach NahaniNeed
Saugeen District EastNeed
Thames ValleyNeed
Scouts Toronto - Hat BadgeNeed
5th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'81 - Group Contingents
1st AylesfordNeed
No Picture Available1st CaledonianNeed
1st CarnduffNeed
1st OrleansNeed
1st VirdenNeed
No Picture Available3rd KamloopsNeed
5th SackvilleNeed
6th New Liskeard - Red on WhiteNeed
6th New Liskeard - White on RedNeed
6th WoodstockNeed
No Picture Available14th BendaleNeed
No Picture Available26th EdmontonNeed
141st Trinity EdmontonNeed
185th Sherwood ParkNeed
5th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'81 - Pins/Buttons/Coins
I'm Going to CJ'81, Are You? ButtonNeed
Subcamp Caribou ButtonNeed
Windsor Ontario PinNeed
5th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'81 - Printed Material
First Day CoverNeed
First Day Cover - Version 2Need
First Day Cover - Version 3Need
First Day Cover - Version 4Need
No Picture AvailableNewspapersNeed
Trading Post CatalogNeed
5th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'81 - Other
Calgary Stampede Bolo TieNeed
No Picture AvailableCalgary Stampede CoinNeed
Fox Subcamp ShirtNeed
Leather Boot - DarkNeed
Leather Boot - LightNeed
Leather Disk - DarkNeed
Leather Name TagNeed
Metal Belt Buckle Version 1Need
Metal Belt Buckle Version 2Need
Staff SpoonNeed
Vehile Pass StickerNeed
6th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'85 - Main Badges
Participant ErrorNeed
6th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'85 - Contingents - Other Countries
Bermuda Scout ContingentNeed
No Picture AvailableBSA - FriendsNeed
No Picture AvailableBSA - StripNeed
No Picture AvailableBSA - Stuben Area Council Troop 81Need
Estonian Scouts in ExileNeed
6th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'85 - Subcamps
Moose AwardNeed
Nanook - Subcamp Chiefs ChallengeNeed
6th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'85 - Special/Events/Staff
No Picture AvailableBadgers ClubNeed
Gilwell ReunionNeed
I'm GoingNeed
Mush White BackgroundNeed
No Picture Available2 National Scout Jamborees - Green BorderNeed
2 National Scout Jamborees - Red BorderNeed
Water Activities – ScoutNeed
Water Activities – VenturerNeed
Water Activities – SafetyNeed
6th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'85 - Precamps
Conestoga College Future Tutor Camp 1984Need
Essex District Prep. CampNeed
Northern Alberta Region Selection CampNeed
Northern Region Pre-CampNeed
Vancouver Coast Pre Jamboree CampNeed
6th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'85 - District/Region Contingents
Association Des Scouts Du CanadaNeed
Bruce NorthNeed
No Picture AvailableGreenwood ScoutsNeed
No Picture AvailableGreenwood VenturersNeed
No Picture AvailableGreenwood CJ’85Need
National Capital Region - Round CornersNeed
St. CatherinesNeed
No Picture AvailableSt. LawrenceNeed
Sur-Del DragonNeed
Thames ValleyNeed
Wellington - Red and GreenNeed
6th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'85 - Group Contingents
1st Chalk River – LargeNeed
1st Greely Unit 6831Need
No Picture Available1st Port CoquitlamNeed
7th PegasusNeed
No Picture Available33rd WinnipegNeed
117th Calgary TrailblazersNeed
131 Varsity GreystalkerNeed
No Picture Available150th & 169th Sherwood ParkNeed
Coyote PatrolNeed
No Picture AvailableEstonian ScoutsNeed
No Picture AvailableOlympian PatrolNeed
No Picture AvailableWildcatters Venturer CompanyNeed
6th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'85 - Pins/Buttons/Coins
7th Pegasus PinNeed
Back Home Challenge PinNeed
Catch the Scouting Spirit Computer ButtonNeed
Central Kings District ButtonNeed
Kempenfelt Bay PinNeed
Lynx Subcamp ButtonNeed
Ministry of Natural Resources ButtonNeed
No Picture AvailableMoose Subcamp ButtonNeed
Northern Alberta RegionNeed
Orillia ButtonNeed
Stetson PinNeed
Thank you PinNeed
Visitors ButtonNeed
6th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'85 - Printed Material
Car Permit LabelNeed
No Picture AvailableCatch the Action PamphletNeed
No Picture AvailableFeeding ManualNeed
First Day coverNeed
Gateway to Canada CoasterNeed
Indaba PamphletNeed
6th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'85 - Other
Badger Bill Wooden NickelNeed
Grizzly Subcamp PenantNeed
Ken Wiltz Wooden NickelNeed
Leather Badge</a> - Need<img src="st3.gif"><br>Need
Match BookNeed
Mug GuelphNeed
National Parks Centennial StickerNeed
Penant with Province CrestsNeed
Plastic MugNeed
No Picture AvailablePlateNeed
7th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'89 - Provincial Contingents
New Brunswick Jacket CrestNeed
7th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'89 - Contingents - Other Countries
No Picture AvailableBSA - Greater Boston CouncilNeed
Greater London North EastNeed
USA Upstate NY Wellsville - Bronze BorderNeed
USA Troop 733 ScarfNeed
7th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'89 - Subcamps
Nanook Chiefs ChallengeNeed
No Picture AvailableNanook StaffNeed
New Brunswick Moose AwardNeed
7th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'89 - Special/Events/Staff
National Film Board of CanadaNeed
7th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'89 - Precamps
No Picture AvailableLand-o-lakes PrecampNeed
Quinte Region PrecampNeed
7th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'89 - District/Region Contingents
No Picture AvailableBramaleaNeed
Central Alberta RegionNeed
Edmonton Region - Jacket BadgeNeed
No Picture AvailableLes Scouts de Maurice DistrictNeed
Milton Troop CompetitionNeed
No Picture AvailableMississaugaNeed
No Picture AvailableNorthern Alberta DistrictNeed
Red Deer AlbertaNeed
No Picture AvailableRiverside VenturesNeed
Saugeen District EastNeed
Southern Alberta RegionNeed
Stomount GlengaryNeed
Stratford DistrictNeed
Sudbury District - Blue BorderNeed
Sudbury District - Yellow BorderNeed
Trueman ContingentNeed
Westfield CJ89 VenturerNeed
7th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'89 - Group Contingents
No Picture Available1st Baddeck cape BretonNeed
1st GreelyNeed
1st UniakeNeed
1st VirdenNeed
3rd KamloopsNeed
4th North BayNeed
44th Halifax - 4th Sackville - 1st Chester - 11th SackvilleNeed
141st CalgaryNeed
185th LDS SherwoodNeed
Beaver Company Northlands Region – YellowNeed
No Picture AvailableBeaver Company Northlands Region - GreenNeed
7th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'89 - Pins/Buttons/Coins
3rd Kamloops ButtonNeed
8th Courtney PinNeed
141st Calgary PinNeed
BSA Contingent PinNeed
Calgary PinNeed
Coin - BlueNeed
Coin - GreenNeed
Coin - YellowNeed
Credit Valley Region PinNeed
Edmonton Region PinNeed
Fort McMurray - Northern Region PinNeed
Lake Muskoka Wooden PinNeed
No Picture AvailableNorthern Alberta RegionNeed
PEI Fort Amherst PinNeed
Program Support Services PinNeed
Quebec Contingent PinNeed
Richmond BC PinNeed
Thank you PinNeed
Ville de LaSalle ButtonNeed
7th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'89 - Printed Material
No Picture AvailableNewspapers (Have all but #5)Need
7th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'89 - Other
Belt BuckleNeed
Caribou Subcamp – Order of the CaribouNeed
Identification BadgeNeed
Leather DiskNeed
Leather WoggleNeed
Ontario Participant JacketNeed
USA Contingent ScarfNeed
Wooden Woggle Beaver Subcamp StaffNeed
8th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'93 - Main Badges
8th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'93 - Contingents - Other Countries
Australia – Kangaroo BadgeNeed
Australia, Ireland and CanadaNeed
BSA - Golden Empire Council - BackpatchNeed
BSA - Golden Empire Council - CSPNeed
BSA - Troop 666, Washington, DCNeed
8th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'93 - Special/Events/Staff
Camp Scar – Canmore HubNeed
Canadian Badgers Club - Yellow BorderNeed
Canmore Hub BiathalonNeed
Ducks UnlimitedNeed
Kananaskis Collector BadgeNeed
Our Environment - FrenchNeed
Staff Banner -BlueNeed
No Picture AvailableStaff Banner -redNeed
Staff Banner -TurquoiseNeed
No Picture AvailableRovers Canada CJ-93 JambNeed
Hiking BootsNeed
8th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'93 - Precamps
Brownsea BeavereeNeed
Central Escarpment – PreJambNeed
Central Escarpment – PreJamb - ErrorNeed
Central RegionNeed
Halifax RegionNeed
Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Bear Claw CamporeeNeed
Milton DistrictNeed
Sherbrook – 2 Piece badgeNeed
South WaterlooNeed
8th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'93 - District/Region Contingents
Big CreekNeed
Bruce NorthNeed
No Picture AvailableBruce North - BackPatchNeed
Chatham National JamboreesNeed
Cree - Red BorderNeed
Cree - Blue on yellowNeed
Cree - Blue on brownNeed
Kempenfelt BayNeed
Kent DistrictNeed
Kings DistrictNeed
Maple Ridge Pitt MeadowsNeed
Mississauga - RoundNeed
Niagara DistrictNeed
Northern Alberta Region - Back patchNeed
Ontario - AlbertaNeed
No Picture AvailableVancouverNeed
8th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'93 - Group Contingents
1st Brudereim – blue borderNeed
1st Brudereim - Yellow borderNeed
1st KamloopsNeed
1st Shilo ManitobaNeed
1st UniackeNeed
1st VirdenNeed
No Picture Available2nd Maskepetoon Red Deer VenturesNeed
3rd Bush Creek - DiamondNeed
8th, 9th and 21st SurdelNeed
13th BramleaNeed
No Picture Available21st Nepan NCR – Green on GrayNeed
No Picture Available21st Nepan NCR - Green on YellowNeed
21st Nepan NCR - Green on BlueNeed
No Picture Available29th LethbridgeNeed
84th Prairie ViewNeed
93-23 SunnybrookNeed
113th Ormsby – Red circleNeed
113th Ormsby - Yellow CircleNeed
113th Ormsby - Oval shapeNeed
115th AmarokNeed
186th Knottwood ScoutsNeed
191st EdmontonNeed
416th TorontoNeed
No Picture AvailableCape BretonNeed
Fort Barrier - BlackNeed
Fort Barrier - RedNeed
Greely ContingentNeed
Logan LakeNeed
No Picture AvailableOntario (unofficial Troop)Need
No Picture AvailableTrueman ContingentNeed
Trueman Contingent – Roberts LakeNeed
8th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'93 - Pins/Buttons/Coins
1st Cochrane PinNeed
1st Ontario Button LucknowNeed
1st Ontario Button Lucknow - RedNeed
1st Paris OntarioNeed
Alberta - Green BorderNeed
Alberta – White BorderNeed
Algonquin Sub-Camp ChallengeNeed
Barts Bandits Committee PinNeed
Blue Water Region Precamp PinNeed
Brampton DistrictNeed
Brant DistrictNeed
Canmore HubNeed
Cardinal Coach LinesNeed
Central Escarpment RegionNeed
Courtenay DistrictNeed
No Picture AvailableFinancial ServicesNeed
First NationsNeed
Gander DistrictNeed
I Was There ButtonNeed
I Worked for CJ'93 PinNeed
Kempenfelt Bay DistrictNeed
No Picture AvailableKetepec Scouts NBNeed
No Picture AvailableLake Muskoka District - GreenNeed
Lake Muskoka District - BlueNeed
Lake Muskoka District – redNeed
Laval DistrictNeed
National Capital RegionNeed
PR StaffNeed
Saint John NS PinNeed
No Picture AvailableThames Valley DistrictNeed
No Picture AvailableUnionvilleNeed
Venturer Service ProgramNeed
8th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'93 - Printed Material
CareCorps CardNeed
No Picture AvailableChallenge activity opinion QuestionnaireNeed
No Picture AvailableFriendship Game Book and InstructionsNeed
No Picture AvailableFriendship game notesNeed
Heritage Series Postcards Info PageNeed
Holy Eucharist Anglican Church of Canada PamphletNeed
Jamboree Program BookletNeed
Lakeridgee Region PreJam Training PackageNeed
No Picture AvailableProgram Staff ManualNeed
No Picture AvailableRecycling updateNeed
No Picture AvailableScouts Canada registration card with CJ’93 onNeed
No Picture AvailableStaff Directory (Alphabetical)Need
No Picture AvailableStaff Directory (Organizational)Need
No Picture AvailableSub-Camp Staff ManualNeed
Vintage Post Card SetNeed
8th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'93 - Other
Coke CanNeed
Cree - Yellow NeckerNeed
Fort BarrierNeed
I was there shirtNeed
Key Chain - White BoarderNeed
Order of the White PineNeed
Plastic MugNeed
Registration Services NeckerNeed
Woggle - Cloth - White BoarderNeed
Wooden Coaster Set of 4Need
Wooden PuzzleNeed
9th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'97 - Provincial Contingents
NWT - Red BorderNeed
9th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'97 - Contingents - Other Countries
BSA ContingentNeed
BSA - Chelmsford & DistrictNeed
BSA - Old Baldy CouncilNeed
BSA Troop 666Need
BSA Troop 64Need
No Picture AvailableBSA Troop Carversville, PANeed
Estonian ScoutsNeed
Trinidad - Brampton SectionNeed
UK 2nd ErithNeed
9th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'97 - Subcamps
Niagara StaffNeed
Saskatchewan Subcamp StaffNeed
9th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'97 - Special/Events/Staff
No Picture AvailableBlue PromoNeed
BLVD Lake NorthNeed
Canadian Fellowship of B.P. GuildsNeed
MudMania StaffNeed
Pioneer ChallengeNeed
No Picture AvailableSplash N’ CrashNeed
Very Special PeopleNeed
9th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'97 - Precamps
Chatham District PrecampNeed
Northern Region PrecampNeed
9th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'97 - District/Region Contingents
Big CreekNeed
No Picture AvailableBlue Water RegionNeed
Central SurreyNeed
Islands RegionNeed
Kootenays Boundary Region – 4 piecesNeed
Maple Ridge Pitt MeadowsNeed
New WestMinister - Royal CityNeed
Powell River ContingentNeed
Seymour BCNeed
Thames ValleyNeed
Windsor Hat BadgeNeed
9th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'97 - Group Contingents
1st GoldenNeed
1st KemptvilleNeed
1st RipleyNeed
1st ValleyviewNeed
1st West Langley Scout TroopNeed
2nd and 9th BramptonNeed
5th Coquitlam BCNeed
6th BramptonNeed
6th Roberts CreekNeed
8th Don MillsNeed
13th BramaleaNeed
56th Pacific HeightsNeed
64th Lakers - Blue (Medium)Need
64th Lakers - Blue (Light)Need
64th Lakers - Blue (Very Light)Need
64th Lakers - Brown (Medium)Need
64th Lakers - Brown (Light)Need
64th Lakers - GreenNeed
64th Lakers - WhiteNeed
84th Prairie View RegionNeed
93rd – 23rd TorontoNeed
149th DoverNeed
149th Dover SpitfireNeed
416th TorontoNeed
9th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'97 - Pins/Buttons/Coins
1st Cochrane PinNeed
1st Ketepec Scouts PinNeed
1st Munster PinNeed
1st Paris PinNeed
172nd Queensland PinNeed
Blue Water Region Precamp PinNeed
Brampton PinNeed
Cavagnal – BronzeNeed
Cavagnal – GoldNeed
Central Escarpment PinNeed
No Picture AvailableChocrane PinNeed
Cricket and Ray ButtonNeed
Hamming It Up ButtonNeed
Jammin' PinNeed
Lake Muskoka - Wooden PinNeed
Laval PinNeed
London PinNeed
No Picture AvailableNew Brunswick PinNeed
No Picture AvailableNiagara awardNeed
Press PinNeed
Quebec Subcamp PinNeed
Raccoon PinNeed
9th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'97 - Printed Material
Participant ManualNeed
9th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'97 - Other
3rd Coaldale Scouts NeckerNeed
24th Kitchener Bag TagNeed
101st Glendale WoggleNeed
Alexander’s Cache LeatherNeed
Indaba VynalNeed
Iron Ons - 19 VariousNeed
Jacket - New BrunswickNeed
Jacket - SaskatchewanNeed
Leather WoggleNeed
Nanook Subcamp TattooNeed
No Picture AvailableSubcamp MacKenzie TattooNeed
10th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'01 - Contingents - Other Countries
USA Troop 59 KansasNeed
No Picture Available1st Shape, BelgiumNeed
10th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'01 - Special/Events/Staff
Can-AM 2001 CJ Jedi Knight Star Wars TSRNeed
Can-AM 2001 CJ Padawan Star Wars TSRNeed
Nocturnal Nightmare StaffNeed
Past Jamboree RecreationsNeed
10th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'01 - Precamps
No Picture AvailablePresqu'ile District Cuboree - Join In JamboreeNeed
10th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'01 - Group Contingents
No Picture Available1st East River Valley NS Back PatchNeed
1st Ranch Park Stinking FishNeed
1st Ranch Park Stinking Fish - GhostNeed
No Picture Available2nd Ieme GatineauNeed
No Picture Available3rd Boundary bay 'd' TroopNeed
3rd Rutland Red BorderNeed
3rd Rutland Purple BorderNeed
3rd Rutland ShadowNeed
129th Edmonton Luther PlaceNeed
10th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'01 - Pins/Buttons/Coins
1st Munster Scouts PinNeed
Atironta Contingent PinNeed
Brampton PinNeed
Land Programs Staff PinNeed
Laval PinNeed
London Contingent Pin - IrregularNeed
Nova Scotia Contingent - Copper ColourNeed
Past Jamboree Pin SetNeed
Thank you PinNeed
Voyageur Region PinNeed
10th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'01 - Printed Material
1st Shape Post Card - FrontNeed
1st Shape Post Card - BackNeed
ID CardNeed
Participant ManualNeed
Passport to FriendshipNeed
Postcards - Set of 6Need
Pre-Jamboree Poster 1Need
Pre-Jamboree Poster 2Need
Site MapNeed
Staff Parking PassNeed
Telephone BookNeed
10th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'01 - Other
2nd Ieme Gatineau StickerNeed
Atironta Contingent StickerNeed
Cloth WoggleNeed
Dog Tags - FrontNeed
Dog Tags - BackNeed
Kennbunk Troop 304 StickerNeed
Lynx Subcamp TatooNeed
Mascot Coin - FrontNeed
Mascot Coin - BackNeed
Moose TattooNeed
Name TagNeed
North Waterloo StickerNeed
Nova Scotia Contingent - Dog TagsNeed
PEI Lobster Walking Stick PlaqueNeed
QM ScarfNeed
Walking Stick Plaque - BridgeNeed
11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07 - Mystery Badges
Mystery 1Need
11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07 - Provincial Contingents
Ontario - GhostNeed
Ontario - ShadowNeed
Nova Scotia - Small sizeNeed
Nova Scotia - Error (Large)Need
11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07 - Contingents - Other Countries
Black Eagles 4th P.A.Need
BSA MinnesotaNeed
BSA PennslyvaniaNeed
BSA Troop 64Need
China – Taiwan 1 pieceNeed
China – Taiwan 4 pieceNeed
No Picture AvailableGambiaNeed
Hong Kong - BlueNeed
Hong Kong - GreenNeed
Hong Kong - PurpleNeed
Hong Kong - RedNeed
Scouts of ChinaNeed
Scouts of China Welcome PartyNeed
Sutton Coldfield UKNeed
USA 1 PieceNeed
USA 13 pieceNeed
11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07 - Subcamps
Byng Subcamp StaffNeed
11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07 - Special/Events/Staff
100 Years of ScoutingNeed
100 Years of Scouting - FrenchNeed
All Jamboree Crest SetNeed
BP Hill Badgeworks (5 Pieces)Need
Environment Canada StaffNeed
I met Nurse Nancy at CJ’07Need
Knot or TwoNeed
Medvent – Durham Region EMSNeed
Medvent – Ottawa Paramedic ServiceNeed
Medvent – Peel RegionNeed
Medvent – Thames EMSNeed
Medvent – VolunteerNeed
Medvent – York Region EMSNeed
Muddy MahemNeed
Rosemere MemorialNeed
11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07 - Precamps
40th Annual Burlington Area Comp. CampNeed
Essex Precamp - 2 PieceNeed
Shining Waters PrecampNeed
11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07 - Council/Area Contingents
BC-Yukon top half (Cascadia Council)Need
Burlington AreaNeed
Burlington Area – RedNeed
Burlington Area – BlackNeed
Chatham – KentNeed
Chinook Council – 6 piecesNeed
Essex - 2 PieceNeed
Frontier Area – BrownNeed
Kawartha Waterways – OntarioNeed
Laval – Laurentides - GhostNeed
Laval – Laurentides - ShadowNeed
Maritime TrainNeed
Northern Lights AreaNeed
Northern Lights – I Met the Area CommissionerNeed
Northern OntarioNeed
North Shore ScoutingNeed
North Shore Scouting – GhostNeed
Oakville Area – GhostNeed
Oakville Area - ShadowNeed
Sunset Area – August 1Need
Tri-Shores CouncilNeed
Voyageur Council – RedNeed
Yellow Briar Ontario OOSNeed
11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07 - Group Contingents
1st Greely – GhostNeed
1st Gretna Green Miramichi – 2 PiecesNeed
1st KemptvilleNeed
1st Komoka Kilworth – ShadowNeed
1st Laity View Maple Ridge – BlueNeed
1st Lakefield Sea Scouting Sunrise Dragon Tour GhostNeed
1st Mary Queen of PeaceNeed
1st ParisNeed
1st Richmond – GhostNeed
1st Richmond - ShadowNeed
1st RocklandNeed
1st ValleyviewNeed
1st WetaskiwinNeed
1st Wetaskiwin – LargeNeed
1st Wetaskiwin – GhostNeed
1st Wetaskiwin – ShadowNeed
4th TrafalgarNeed
5th MeadowvaleNeed
6th Peach Arch GhostNeed
6th Peach Arch Florescent WhiteNeed
6th Peach Arch ShadowNeed
7th KanataNeed
7th Kanata OrangeNeed
11th Toronto ShadowNeed
14th Gloucester – BurgundyNeed
14th Gloucester – GhostNeed
14th Gloucester – ShadowNeed
21st BurlingtonNeed
21st & 31st Burlington CanoeNeed
24th KitchenerNeed
31st London – Black BorderNeed
31st London – Blue BorderNeed
31st London – Green BorderNeed
31st London – Red BorderNeed
31st St Cyprian’s CalgaryNeed
101st & 219 Toronto Old MillNeed
101st & 219 Toronto Old Mill – GhostNeed
101st & 219 Toronto Old Mill – ShadowNeed
172nd Queensland Calgary – 2 PiecesNeed
172nd Queensland Calgary – 1 PieceNeed
186th Knottwood – EdmontonNeed
193rd Edgemont – 3 PiecesNeed
East Burlington – GhostNeed
East Burlington – BlackNeed
St. Paul’s Sussex, NBNeed
11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07 - Pins/Buttons/Coins
Blue Springs Subcamp PinNeed
Boulevard Lake Subcamp PinNeed
Brownsea Subcamp PinNeed
Byng Subcamp PinNeed
Cabot Beach Subcamp PinNeed
Connaught Ranges Subcamp PinNeed
Fort Amherst Subcamp PinNeed
Gilwell Park Subcamp PinNeed
Kananaskis Subcamp PinNeed
Blue Springs subcamp Challenge PinNeed
Connaught Ranges SC PinNeed
No Picture AvailableI got a free hug pinNeed
K of M pinNeed
London Area PinNeed
Owasco PinNeed
Thank You PinNeed
11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07 - Printed Material
Belleville Museum - Mosquito TicketNeed
Blue Springs BP CardsNeed
B-P Hill Area Card - FrontNeed
B-P Hill Area Card - BackNeed
Canada Post Stamp BookletNeed
Environment Canada PostcardNeed
First Day Cover - Baden PowellNeed
CJ'07 First Day Cover - Camp Logo - CopyNeed
First Day Cover - Centenary of ScoutingNeed
First Day Cover - Quebec ContingentNeed
First Day Cover - Sunrise CeremonyNeed
First Day Cover - TucsNeed
Post Card Set - Card 1 (front)Need
Post Card Set - Card 1 (back)Need
Post Card Set - Card 2 (front)Need
Post Card Set - Card 2 (back)Need
Post Card Set - Card 3 (front)Need
Post Card Set - Card 3 (back)Need
Post Card Set - Card 4 (front)Need
Post Card Set - Card 4 (back)Need
Post Card Set - Card 5 (front)Need
Post Card Set - Card 5 (back)Need
Gopher YLT - Business CardNeed
Official Parking passNeed
11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07 - Other
Blue Springs Subcamp MagnetNeed
Boulevard Lake Subcamp MagnetNeed
Brownsea Subcamp MagnetNeed
Byng Subcamp MagnetNeed
Cabot Beach Subcamp MagnetNeed
Connaught Ranges Subcamp MagnetNeed
Fort Amherst Subcamp MagnetNeed
Gilwell Park Subcamp MagnetNeed
Kananaskis Subcamp MagnetNeed
Blue Springs Subcamp Walking Stick PlaqueNeed
Boulevard Lake Subcamp Walking Stick PlaqueNeed
Brownsea Subcamp Walking Stick PlaqueNeed
Byng Subcamp Walking Stick PlaqueNeed
Cabot Beach Subcamp Walking Stick PlaqueNeed
Connaught Ranges Subcamp Walking Stick PlaqueNeed
Fort Amhurst Subcamp Walking Stick PlaqueNeed
Gilwell Park Subcamp Walking Stick PlaqueNeed
Kananaskis Subcamp Walking Stick PlaqueNeed
1st Grande Prairie – Dog tagsNeed
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop - Circle FeltNeed
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop Pennant - Orange LargeNeed
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop Pennant - Orange SmallNeed
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop Pennant - Yellow LargeNeed
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop Pennant - Yellow SmallNeed
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop - Square FeltNeed
5th Meadowvale PennantsNeed
5th Meadowvale StickerNeed
5th Whitby Luggage TagNeed
100 Year Aniversary Coin - Side 1Need
100 Year Aniversary Coin - Side 2Need
100th Anniversary Walking stick plateNeed
Baggage TagNeed
Balsa Wood AirplaneNeed
Be Prepared StickerNeed
Boulevard Lake SC – I was at CJ’07 Idol Night Token - Side 1Need
Boulevard Lake SC – I was at CJ’07 Idol Night Token - Side 2Need
Bracelet – OOS (Yellow)Need
Bracelet – Participant (Blue)Need
Brownsea Subcamp Flag RibbonNeed
Cane Emblem – Gray BackgroundNeed
Cane Emblem – Yellow BackgroundNeed
Dog Tag – RedNeed
Dog Tag – BlueNeed
Geocaching StickerNeed
Key ChainNeed
Key Chain - Toucs MascotNeed
Necklace with LightNeed
Ontario Contingent StickerNeed
OOS Venturer SlideNeed
OOS Yellow Briar SlideNeed
Staff Woggle (Blue)Need
Stay Dry ContainerNeed
West Ferris - Plastic CompassNeed
12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13 - Main Badges
12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13 - Provincial Contingents
BC-Yukon - LightNeed
BC-Yukon - DarkNeed
Yukon – White GhostNeed
Yukon – OOSNeed
Yukon – Gold OOSNeed
Yukon – Jacket PatchNeed
Alberta - BlueNeed
Alberta - GreenNeed
Alberta - RedNeed
Alberta - WhiteNeed
Ontario Participant - OvalNeed
Ontario Participant - OOSNeed
Ontario Participant - RectangleNeed
New BrunswickNeed
New Brunswick - GhostNeed
NWT – GhostNeed
12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13 - Contingents - Other Countries
No Picture AvailableAustraliaNeed
Australia - Back PatchNeed
BSA Troop 64 Carversville, PANeed
Hong KongNeed
Scouts of China - 4 PieceNeed
Scouts of China - Air PlaneNeed
12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13 - Subcamps
Albertosaurus - SubcampNeed
Albertosaurus - Subcamp StaffNeed
Albertosaurus - Subcamp ChallengeNeed
Centrosaurus - SubcampNeed
Lantasaurus - SubcampNeed
Quelsaurus - SubcampNeed
Raptor - SubcampNeed
Raptor - Subcamp ChallengeNeed
T-Rex - SubcampNeed
Tribattlesaurus - SubcampNeed
Tribattlesaurus - Subcamp StaffNeed
Tribattlesaurus Subcamp - SMC-PCNeed
Tribattlesaurus Subcamp - SMC-PC - BlackNeed
Tribattlesaurus Subcamp - SMC-PC - GhostNeed
Tribattlesaurus Subcamp - SMC-PC - RedNeed
Tribattlesaurus SquareNeed
Tribattlesaurus Square - BlackNeed
Tribattlesaurus Square - GhostNeed
Tribattlesaurus Square - RedNeed
Tribattlesaurus - GhostNeed
Tribattlesaurus - GoldNeed
Triceratops - SubcampNeed
Whoville - SubcampNeed
Subcamp TeamNeed
Subcamp Care CorpsNeed
12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13 - Special/Events/Staff
Badge Lady - LargeNeed
Badge Lady - SmallNeed
Badger GordNeed
Belleville Museum – Green BorderNeed
Belleville Museum – Blue BorderNeed
Belleville Museum – Green Border Jacket PatchNeed
Camp CrestNeed
Camp Crest - GhostNeed
Camp Woods - ShieldNeed
Camp Woods - SkeletonNeed
Camp Woods - Skeleton Glow in the DarkNeed
Camp Woods - Skeleton BlackNeed
Canadian Badgers ClubNeed
CJ RocksNeed
Collector Badge 1Need
Collector Badge 2Need
Cub Scout Day - Light GreenNeed
Cub Scout Day - Dark GreenNeed
Discover Your PathNeed
Emergency Services TeamNeed
Hunger GamesNeed
International CentreNeed
Jake ForsythNeed
Mascot BadgeNeed
Mascot Camp WoodsNeed
Mascot Contest WinnerNeed
Mascot Flag BadgeNeed
Post OfficeNeed
Santa BobNeed
Scouting LifeNeed
Site ServiceNeed
Social MediaNeed
STEM ProgramNeed
Storm the WallNeed
Sylvan Lake Butts ArcheryNeed
Trading PostNeed
Transportation Before TimeNeed
War of 1812Need
World Jamboree 2015 PromotionalNeed
12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13 - Precamps
Central Ontario Camp Goodyear Pre-CampNeed
Nicomekl Pre-Jamboree Challenge CampNeed
Voyageur Council - GhostNeed
12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13 - Council/Area Contingents
Airdrie Queensland Balzac BanffNeed
Baie Saint MarieNeed
BC Contingent - Magic School BusNeed
Brantford AreaNeed
Buffalo Plains - 1 PieceNeed
Buffalo Plains - 4 PieceNeed
Burlington Area - Future ColorNeed
Burlington Area – Past ColorNeed
Burlington Area – Future BlackNeed
Burlington Area – Past BlackNeed
Burlington - Uncut ColorNeed
No Picture AvailableBurlington - Uncut BlackNeed
Central Escarpment CouncilNeed
Chinook Council - TouringNeed
Chinook Council - Touring GhostNeed
Coho Area - 5 PieceNeed
Coho Area - 5 Piece GhostNeed
No Picture AvailableCoho Area - 5 Piece BlackNeed
Essex AreaNeed
Essex Area OSSNeed
Greater Toronto CouncilNeed
Grizzly Range ContingentNeed
Hamilton - White GhostNeed
Kawartha Waterways AreaNeed
Kirkland - NorthWest - St LazareNeed
London AreaNeed
London Area OOSNeed
Merritt Trail AreaNeed
Northern Lights AreaNeed
North Shore ScoutingNeed
North Shore Scouting - GhostNeed
North Shore Scouting - RedNeed
Oakville – BlueNeed
Pacific Coast CouncilNeed
Pacific Spirit AreaNeed
Shining WatersNeed
Simcoe PhoenixNeed
Simcoe Phoenix - BrownNeed
Simcoe Phoenix - PurpleNeed
Stratford ContingentNeed
Stratford Contingent – GreenNeed
Team OntarioNeed
Tri-Shores-A-Tops ContingentNeed
Tri-Shores CommitteeNeed
Tri-Shores Committee - GhostNeed
Tri-Shores Committee - BlackNeed
Tri-Shores Committee - RedNeed
Tri-Shores OOSNeed
Tri-Shores Transport TeamNeed
Vancouver Island ContingentNeed
Vancouver Island Contingent - GreenNeed
Vancouver Island Contingent - YellowNeed
Voyageur CouncilNeed
Whitby AreaNeed
White Pine - Northern Ontario CouncilsNeed
12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13 - Group Contingents
1st AirdrieNeed
1st Airdrie - 2 PieceNeed
1st Armstrong ScoutsNeed
1st Armstrong Scouts - GhostNeed
1st BaltimoreNeed
1st Beaver ValleyNeed
1st BedfordNeed
1st BlueberryNeed
1st Bow Valley ScoutingNeed
1st BradfordNeed
1st Canmore - GhostNeed
1st Comox - LargeNeed
1st Comox - SmallNeed
1st CoquitlamNeed
1st CouteauNeed
1st CrestonNeed
1st Crestview - GreenNeed
1st DundasNeed
1st Etobicoke CentralNeed
1st Etobicoke Central - GhostNeed
1st ExeterNeed
1st Fenwick NSNeed
1st Fox CreekNeed
1st Greely - 2nd Russell - 101st Ottawa- GhostNeed
1st Greenwood HyenasNeed
1st Hanley Scouts – Jurassic ParkNeed
1st Hanley Scouts – ShieldNeed
1st KinosooNeed
1st Komoka-Kilworth ScoutsNeed
1st Komoka-Kilworth Scouts - GhostNeed
1st LacomeNeed
1st Laity ViewNeed
1st Laity View - PurpleNeed
1st LawrencetownNeed
1st Marry Queen of PeaceNeed
1st Massey DriveNeed
1st Massey Drive - RedNeed
1st Oilfields Turner ValleyNeed
1st OkotoksNeed
1st ParisNeed
1st Port MoodyNeed
1st Port Moody - YellowNeed
1st Portugal CoveNeed
1st Richmond Hill - TanNeed
1st Richmond Hill - 4th Whitby - RedNeed
1st Richmond Hill - 4th Whitby - ShadowNeed
1st RiverlakeNeed
1st Riverlake - GhostNeed
1st Salmon ArmNeed
1st Shad Bay - 2nd Hatchet LakeNeed
1st Southdale WinnipegNeed
1st Southdale Winnipeg - BlueNeed
1st South VancouverNeed
1st Transley Troop Burlington, ONNeed
1st Transley Troop Ghost WhiteNeed
1st Transley Troop Ghost Red/WhiteNeed
1st UxbridgeNeed
1st WetaskiwinNeed
1st WhitbyNeed
2nd Berwick - GreenNeed
2nd Berwick - RedNeed
2nd Eastern PassageNeed
2nd Grande PrairieNeed
2nd and 7th Markham Patrol 666 OOSNeed
2nd LondonNeed
2nd MarkhamNeed
2nd Sackville – 6th ColeharbourNeed
2nd TerraceNeed
2nd WasageNeed
3rd and 15th CapilanoNeed
3rd EdmontonNeed
3rd Fredericton – 2nd NashwaaksisNeed
3rd OrleansNeed
3rd Prince George WestNeed
3rd Prince George West - Blue ShadowNeed
3rd Widdifield ScoutsNeed
4th MidlandNeed
4th Triwood - 186 Ranchlands - 193 EdgemontNeed
4th WinnipegNeed
4th Winnipeg - GhostNeed
5th CoquitlamNeed
6th Central Surrey ScoutsNeed
6th Chilliwack ScoutsNeed
6th Edmonton - 1st StrathconaNeed
6th Peace ArchNeed
6th Peace Arch - RedNeed
6th Peace Arch - ShadowNeed
8th BramptonNeed
11th Toronto - 1 PieceNeed
11th Toronto - 3 PieceNeed
12th and 5th CoquitlamNeed
12th RichmondNeed
13th Prince GeorgeNeed
13th Vancouver RyersonNeed
13th WindsorNeed
14th GloucesterNeed
14th McKillopNeed
18th, 21st, 24th, 25th Red DeerNeed
20th London - BlackNeed
20th London - GoldNeed
20th London - GreenNeed
20th London - RedNeed
24th KitchenerNeed
27th GuelphNeed
30th SeymourNeed
31st BurlingtonNeed
31st LondonNeed
31st St Cyprians Tiger Troop BadgeNeed
31st St Cyprians Tiger Troop PawNeed
33rd RichmondNeed
38th Simons CreekNeed
59th Edmonton - 1 PieceNeed
59th Edmonton Greenfield - 7 PieceNeed
64th LakersNeed
64th Edmonton PathfindersNeed
64th Edmonton Pathfinders - 3 PieceNeed
67th WinnipegNeed
67th Winnipeg - GhostNeed
69th Toronto Scout GroupNeed
77th RiverbendNeed
81st LondonNeed
85th LakeviewNeed
89th WindsorNeed
101st Glendale CalgaryNeed
101nd Toronto - BlackNeed
101nd Toronto - GhostNeed
101nd Toronto - GreenNeed
101nd Toronto - RedNeed
101nd Toronto - ShadowNeed
101nd Toronto - YellowNeed
116th LynnwoodNeed
144th Lake Bonavista Sea ScoutsNeed
159th Silver Springs and Scenic AcresNeed
174th Lago LindoNeed
174th Lago Lindo - GhostNeed
174th Lago Lindo - ShadowNeed
174th Lago Lindo - BlueNeed
174th Lago Lindo - BronzeNeed
174th Lago Lindo - GoldNeed
174th Lago Lindo - GreenNeed
174th Lago Lindo - RedNeed
175th SouthwoodNeed
175th WhitehornsNeed
178 Thunder BayNeed
186th KnottwoodNeed
207th St Patricks – CalgaryNeed
214th HawkwoodNeed
227th Douglasdale ScoutsNeed
East Burlington GroupsNeed
East Burlington Groups - GhostNeed
East Burlington Groups - ShadowNeed
East Burlington Groups - GreenNeed
KWA Timberwolves Patrol No 138Need
McKenzie 210Need
12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13 - Pins/Buttons/Coins
CJ Camp PinNeed
CJ Camp Pin 2Need
17th Guelph Welcome ButtonNeed
31st London PinNeed
Albert PinNeed
Alberta PinNeed
London Area Pin - BronzeNeed
London Area Pin - SilverNeed
Thank You PinNeed
12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13 - Printed Material
Canadian Badgers Club - Business CardNeed
Flickr Business CardNeed
Participant ManualNeed
Post Card AdvertNeed
12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13 - Other
1st Homelands Luggage TagNeed
1st Lacombe Band(front)Need
1st Lacombe Band(back)Need
24th Kitchener Luggage TagNeed
24th Kitchener Troop BannerNeed
56th Pacific Heights Saskatoon WoggleNeed
56th Pacific Heights Saskatoon Woggle - BlackNeed
56th Pacific Heights Saskatoon Woggle - BlueNeed
56th Pacific Heights Saskatoon Woggle - GhostNeed
No Picture AvailableAlbert ToyNeed
Band - GuestNeed
Band - OOS - Early FeedingNeed
Band - OOS - Late FeedingNeed
Band - ParticipantNeed
Cane EmblemNeed
Cane Emblem - AlbertNeed
Cub Day Neckers - WhiteNeed
Cub Day Neckers - BlackNeed
Cub Day Neckers - YellowNeed
Cub Day Neckers - GoldNeed
Cub Day Neckers - PurpleNeed
Cub Day Neckers - GreenNeed
Cub Day WoggleNeed
Emergency Services LanyardNeed
Geocaching MedallionNeed
I Met Albert - StickerNeed
Luggage TagNeed
Manatoba JacketNeed
Name TagNeed
Scarf – OOSNeed
Scarf – ParticipantNeed
Scarf - WhovilleNeed
Trading Post PennantNeed
White Pines StickerNeed
No Picture AvailableWoggle – GreenNeed
Woggle - PlasticNeed
Woggle – OOSNeed
Woggle - ParticipantNeed
Zone West Woggle - RedNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Main Badges
Camp Crest ParticipantNeed
Camp Crest OOSNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Provincial Contingents
Yukon - GoldNeed
Yukon - Ghost with GoldNeed
Yukon - LargeNeed
Yukon SetNeed
NWT - Blue BoarderNeed
NWT - Gold BoarderNeed
NWT - GhostNeed
Alberta and NWT Contingent - 1 PieceNeed
Alberta and NWT Contingent - 3 PieceNeed
Alberta and NWT Contingent - OOSNeed
Saskatchewan SetNeed
Saskatchewan - SmallNeed
Saskatchewan - LargeNeed
Manitoba - 1 PieceNeed
Manitoba - 7 PieceNeed
Manitoba - RoundNeed
Newfoundland and LabradorNeed
Newfoundland and Labrador - GhostNeed
Maritime Provincial Contingents - 1 PieceNeed
Maritime Provincial Contingents - 3 PieceNeed
Maritime Provincial Contingents - 1 Piece GhostNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Contingents - Other Countries
1st Zurich Scouting - 5 PieceNeed
Australian Contingent SetNeed
Australian ContingentNeed
Australian Contingent - Back PatchNeed
BSA Troop 64 Carversville, PANeed
BSA Come From AwayNeed
China - Blue BorderNeed
China - Purple BorderNeed
China - Yellow BorderNeed
Perthshire Guides and 1st Portland ScoutsNeed
Scotland - Girl Guiding Perth and KinrossNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Subcamps
8 Piece Subcamp SetNeed
Centennial Trail SubcampNeed
Freedom Trail SubcampNeed
Fundy Trail SubcampNeed
Ganaraska Trail SubcampNeed
Ganaraska Trail Subcamp Breakfast BuccaneerNeed
Ganaraska Trail Subcamp Patrol Challenge - 3 PieceNeed
Gold Rush Trail SubcampNeed
Gold Rush Trail Subcamp Award - GoldNeed
Gold Rush Trail Subcamp Award - WhiteNeed
Le P'tit Train Du Nord Trail SubcampNeed
Trans Canada Trail SubcampNeed
Subcamp Management TeamNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Special/Events/Staff
12th Canadian Fellowship BP GuildNeed
Andrew StrainerNeed
Archery BoghdoireachtNeed
Badgers Club - 1 PieceNeed
Badgers Club - 1 Piece BlueNeed
Badgers Club - 2 PieceNeed
Badgers Club - 2 Piece BlueNeed
Beaver Cub Fun DaysNeed
Belleville Scout Guide Museum - Blue Border SmallNeed
Belleville Scout Guide Museum - Green Border SmallNeed
Belleville Scout Guide Museum - Green Border LargeNeed
Camp NedooaeNeed
Camp Nedooae from Camp WoodsNeed
Canadian Path SetNeed
Canadian Path Piece 1Need
Canadian Path Piece 2Need
Canadian Path Piece 3Need
Canadian Path Piece 4Need
Canadian Path - 1 PieceNeed
Care CorpsNeed
Fire Safety TeamNeed
Great Canadian Shoreline CleanupNeed
Health and SafetyNeed
I Met Nurse LynneNeed
I Met Nurse NancyNeed
I Survived Camp Mudooae - MinionsNeed
I Survived RoundNeed
I Survived Round - CamoNeed
Maison AcadianNeed
Maison Acadian - GhostNeed
Maison Acadian - ShadowNeed
Musee ScoutNeed
Musquodoboit TrailNeed
Parking ControlNeed
Planning TeamNeed
Post OfficeNeed
Scouter JocelyneNeed
Scout Shop Souvenir Crests 1Need
Scout Shop Souvenir Crests 2Need
Scout Shop Souvenir Crests 3Need
Scout Shop 1 - Puffin 4inchNeed
Scout Shop 2 - Puffin 4inch - BloodNeed
Scout Shop 3 - Puffin 4inch - GhostNeed
Scout Shop 4 - WheelNeed
Scout Shop 5 - Wheel - BloodNeed
Scout Shop 6 - Wheel - GhostNeed
Scout Shop 7 - AnchorNeed
Scout Shop 8 - Anchor - BloodNeed
Scout Shop 9 - Anchor - GhostNeed
Scout Shop 10 - LighthouseNeed
Scout Shop 11 - Lighthouse - BloodNeed
Scout Shop 12 - Lighthouse - GhostNeed
Scout Shop 13 - Puffin 3inchNeed
Scout Shop 14 - Puffin 3inch - BloodNeed
Scout Shop 15 - Puffin 3inch - GhostNeed
Scout Shop 16 - BellNeed
Scout Shop 17 - Bell - BloodNeed
Scout Shop 18 - Bell - GhostNeed
Scout Shop 30 - CJ LobsterNeed
Scout Shop 34 - Lighthouse RectangleNeed
Scout Shop Kit - Camp CrestNeed
Site ServicesNeed
St Andrews Plaza - OASNeed
St Andrews Plaza - STEMNeed
St Andrews Plaza - WJ19Need
St Andrews Plaza - 3 PieceNeed
St Andrews Plaza - 1 Piece GhostNeed
Thank you for Trading with Scouter John at CJ17Need
The Incredibly Rare Badge Thats So Hard To FindNeed
The missing OOS 266Need
Trading PostNeed
You Can Be An EngineerNeed
We Survived Camp Mud-ooaeNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Precamps
Burlington Area Pre-Camp - 1 PieceNeed
Burlington Area Pre-Camp - 2 PieceNeed
Burlington Area Pre-Camp - 2 Piece - ShadowNeed
Central Escarpment Council PrecampNeed
Central Okanagan Scouts Pre-JamNeed
Central Ontario Precamp setNeed
Greater Toronto Council PrecampNeed
Queen of All Saints Moncton PrecampNeed
Saskatchewan Contingent Pre-CampNeed
Shining Waters Council PrecampNeed
Tri-Shores Council PrecampNeed
Tri-Shores Pre-Camp - LighthouseNeed
Voyageur Council Pre-CampNeed
Voyageur Council Pre-Camp - GreenNeed
White Pine Council Pre-CampNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Council/Area Contingents
Battlefields CouncilNeed
Battlefields Council - RedNeed
No Picture AvailableBattlefields Council - YellowNeed
Beaconsfield - 3 PieceNeed
Beaconsfield - 3 Piece RedNeed
Beaconsfield - 3 Piece SilverNeed
Beaconsfield Venturers OOSNeed
Brockville Contingent St Lawrence SeawayNeed
Brockville Contingent St Lawrence Seaway - GhostNeed
Brockville Contingent St Lawrence Seaway - GlowNeed
Burlington Area - 1 PieceNeed
Capilano - BlueNeed
Central Escarpment Council - SetNeed
Central Escarpment Council - Burlington (Red)Need
Central Escarpment Council - Credit Hills (Green)Need
Central Escarpment Council - Mississauga (Blue)Need
Central Escarpment Council - North Waterloo (Brown)Need
Central Escarpment Council - Oakville (White)Need
Central Escarpment Council - Wellington (Orange)Need
Central Escarpment Council - Yellow Briar (Yellow)Need
Central Escarpment Council - (Silver Boarder)Need
Central Escarpment Council - (Gold Boarder)Need
Central OkanaganNeed
Chebucto West AreaNeed
Essex Area - SetNeed
Essex Area ContingentNeed
Essex Area - GreenNeed
Fort McMurray - 7 PieceNeed
Fortress Halifax AreaNeed
Frontier AreaNeed
Frontier Area - GhostNeed
Greater Toronto CouncilNeed
Hamilton Wentworth - 2 PieceNeed
Lakeshore Ridge Area ContingentNeed
Laval LaurentidesNeed
London OOSNeed
Loyalist AreaNeed
Northern Lights CouncilNeed
Richmond AreaNeed
Sea to Sky OrcasNeed
Shining Waters Council ContingentNeed
Sincoe PhoenixNeed
Sincoe Phoenix - BlueNeed
Sincoe Phoenix - GreenNeed
Sincoe Phoenix - YellowNeed
Stratford - PurpleNeed
Terrace BCNeed
Terrace BC - RedNeed
Tri-County Area Paddle ClubNeed
Tri-Shores CouncilNeed
Tri-Shores Council OOSNeed
Tri-Shores Contingent Transport TeamNeed
Voyageur CouncilNeed
Voyageur Council - GhostNeed
Voyageur Council OOSNeed
Voyageur Council - Ticket to RideNeed
Voyageur Council - PuffyNeed
Whitby Area - 7 PieceNeed
White Pine CouncilNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Group Contingents
1st ActonNeed
1st AirdrieNeed
1st AnmoreNeed
1st ArmstrongNeed
1er Baie Sainte-MarieNeed
1st Baltimore ScoutsNeed
1st Beaver ValleyNeed
1st BedfordNeed
1st Bedford - RedNeed
1st BoltonNeed
1st Bow Valley - 4 PieceNeed
1st Bradford ScoutsNeed
1st Cedar HillNeed
1st Centre LakeNeed
1st Cochrane Scout TroopNeed
1st Creston ScoutsNeed
1st Dundas - 1 PieceNeed
1st Dundas - 1 Piece GreenNeed
1st Dundas - 3 PieceNeed
1st Evergreen - Lighting the WayNeed
1st Evergreen - Lighting the Way - GlowNeed
1st ExeterNeed
1st Exeter - BlueNeed
1st Five Island LakeNeed
1st FleshertonNeed
1st Gay's RiverNeed
1st Glenayre - BaconatorsNeed
1st Glenayre - Baconators - GhostNeed
1st Glen Carin Scouts Falcon TroopNeed
1st Glen Carin Scouts Falcon Troop - GhostNeed
1st Glen Carin Scouts Falcon Troop - ShadowNeed
1st Gondola PointNeed
1st Greely 1st Gower-Kars 1st Osgoode Gong Show 3 Piece SetNeed
1st Greely 1st Gower-Kars 1st Osgoode Gong Show Fundraising 2 Piece BottleNeed
1st Greely 1st Gower-Kars 1st Osgoode Gong Show LighthouseNeed
1st Greely 1st Gower-Kars 1st Osgoode Gong Show Maple LeafNeed
1st Hammonds PlainsNeed
1st High River - 3 PieceNeed
1st Homelands MississaugaNeed
1st Homelands Mississauga - GlowNeed
1st Joyceville 1st Kingston WestNeed
1st Kennedy ParkNeed
1st Kennedy Park - GhostNeed
1st Kennedy Park - RedNeed
1st Kinosoo - 5 PieceNeed
1st Lac La BicheNeed
1st LakeshoreNeed
1st LawrencetownNeed
1st LindsayNeed
1st Little Britain GuidesNeed
1st MacPhersonNeed
1st MacPherson - RedNeed
1st Mary Queen of PeaceNeed
1st Massey Drive - 4 PieceNeed
1st MaxvilleNeed
1st Maxville Flag Version 1Need
1st Maxville Flag Version 2Need
1st Maxville - TriangleNeed
1st MeadowvaleNeed
1st Mitchell 4th Goderich - 2 PieceNeed
1st Nel-Gar WestNeed
1st Oilfields - 3 PieceNeed
1st OmemeeNeed
1st and 3rd OrilliaNeed
1st and 3rd Orillia - GhostNeed
1st Painswick Arrow FlightNeed
1st Painswick Vimy PatrolNeed
1st Painswick 100 - 1Need
1st Painswick 100 - 1st ZeroNeed
1st Painswick 100 - 2nd ZeroNeed
1st Painswick 100 - 3 PieceNeed
1st PalmerstonNeed
1st Paradise ScoutsNeed
1st ParisNeed
1st Pefferlaw 1st Sutton WestNeed
1st Portland EstatesNeed
Perthshire Guides and 1st Portland ScoutsNeed
1st Portugal Cove - 2 PieceNeed
1st Portugal Cove - 2 Piece togetherNeed
1st Riverlake - 1 PieceNeed
1st Riverlake - 3 PieceNeed
1st Salmon ArmNeed
1st St Mary'sNeed
1st Stony PlainNeed
1st Stouffville 1st BallantraeNeed
1st StrathroyNeed
1st Torbay NLNeed
1st Torbay NL - GlowNeed
1st Valleyview ScoutsNeed
1st WestministerNeed
1st WetaskiwinNeed
1st Wetaskiwin - GhostNeed
1st Wetaskiwin - BlackNeed
1st Whitecourt Scout GroupNeed
1st Whitecourt Scout Group - BlackNeed
1st Wooler ScoutsNeed
1st Wooler Scouts - ShadowNeed
1st Zurich Scouting - 5 PieceNeed
2nd Airdrie Maple LeafNeed
2nd Airdrie - RedNeed
2nd Airdrie Map - 3 PieceNeed
2nd Berwick - 3 PieceNeed
2nd KilkennyNeed
2nd 80th 86th ReginaNeed
2nd North BattlefieldNeed
2nd YarmouthNeed
3rd BarringtonNeed
3rd CloverdaleNeed
3rd Falmouth ScoutsNeed
3rd Grande PrairieNeed
3rd Grande Prairie - GhostNeed
3rd GuelphNeed
3rd Magrath 7th North PeaceNeed
3rd Meadowvale OOSNeed
3rd WiddifieldNeed
4th Goderich 1st MitchellNeed
4th Goderich 1st Mitchell - GhostNeed
4th Kanata Scouts - TrooperNeed
4th Kanata Scouts - VaderNeed
4th Midland - YodaNeed
4th Prince AlbertNeed
4th Prince Albert BaconNeed
4th Poco Venture OOS - 4 PieceNeed
4th and 8th SackvilleNeed
4th Squamish Sea Scouts - 4 PieceNeed
4th Squamish Sea Scouts - 4 Piece GhostNeed
4th Yarmouth GroupNeed
5th BrantNeed
5th Juan de FucaNeed
5th St Albert Buffalo PlainsNeed
5th St Albert Buffalo Plains - BlueNeed
5th St Albert VentsNeed
6th Central Surrey - 2 PieceNeed
6th Centre Lake and 43rd KnoxNeed
6th ChilliwackNeed
6th Erin MillsNeed
6th North Park 1st McLeanNeed
6th Peace Arch - SquareNeed
6th Peace Arch - OvalNeed
7th MiltonNeed
7th Milton - Blue GhostNeed
8th BramptonNeed
8th SackvilleNeed
8th Yorkton 5th Wayburn Need BaconNeed
9th Pickering - 3 PieceNeed
9th Poco 1st LloydminsterNeed
10th WaterlooNeed
10th Waterloo - Canadian Scouts CollectablesNeed
10th White Rock ContingentNeed
11th and 66th LondonNeed
11th and 66th London - BlueNeed
11th Oakville PatrolNeed
11th OttawaNeed
13th BurlingtonNeed
13th Burlington - BlueNeed
13th Woodstock AreaNeed
14th BarrieNeed
14th Barrie - GhostNeed
14th Barrie - PurpleNeed
14th McKillop Scouts - GhostNeed
15th Strathcona 6th Dundas 6th Dundas OOS 1st Carlisle - 1 PieceNeed
15th Strathcona 6th Dundas 6th Dundas OOS 1st Carlisle - 1 Piece - BlueNeed
15th SudburyNeed
15th Sudbury - GhostNeed
17th GuelphNeed
19th ChathamNeed
19th Chatham - Green GhostNeed
20th London - BlueNeed
20th London - GreenNeed
20th London - RedNeed
20th London - GhostNeed
23rd BrandonNeed
23rd NepeanNeed
23rd Nepean - GhostNeed
24th KichenerNeed
25th DunbarNeed
25th Dunbar - Swiss ArmyNeed
26th GuelphNeed
27th Guelph - 1 PieceNeed
27th Guelph - 3 PieceNeed
27th Guelph - 1 Piece BlackNeed
27th Guelph - 1 Piece GoldNeed
31st Guelph and 1st Elmira SeagoatsNeed
31st Guelph and 1st Elmira Seagoats - GhostNeed
31st Guelph and 1st Elmira Seagoats - GlowNeed
31st St Cyprians 272 CrowchildNeed
32nd RichmondNeed
35th TecumsehNeed
38th KitchenerNeed
38th Simons CreekNeed
38th Simons Creek - GhostNeed
38th Simons Creek - ShadowNeed
38th Simons Creek - BlueNeed
38th Simons Creek - OrangeNeed
38th Simons Creek - PurpleNeed
56th Pacific Heights SaskatoonNeed
56th Pacific Heights Saskatoon - GhostNeed
59th Greenfield - 2 PieceNeed
63rd Windsor Ontario Patrols 2062 and 2061 - 3 PieceNeed
63rd Windsor Ontario Patrols 2062 and 2061 - SpinnerNeed
67th WinnipegNeed
69th TorontoNeed
75th and 101st Toronto Old MillNeed
75th and 101st Toronto Old Mill - Ghost-ColorNeed
78th TorontoNeed
83rd Windsor - 3 PieceNeed
86th ReginaNeed
86th Regina Venturers OOSNeed
101st GlendaleNeed
101st OttawaNeed
104th OttawaNeed
107th ParklandNeed
107th Parkland - GreyNeed
114th Trinity Ottawa - 1 Piece SmallNeed
114th Trinity Ottawa - 4 Piece LargeNeed
114th Trinity Ottawa SetNeed
115th Toronto Scout TroopNeed
120th OttewellNeed
125th Toronto TrailseekersNeed
144th Lake Bonavista Sea Scouts - Round 1 PieceNeed
144th Lake Bonavista Sea Scouts - Round 3 PieceNeed
144th Lake Bonavista Sea Scouts - 1 PieceNeed
144th Lake Bonavista Sea Scouts - 3 PieceNeed
144th Lake Bonavista Sea Scouts - 1 Piece BlueNeed
144th Lake Bonavista Sea Scouts - 3 Piece BlueNeed
144th Lake Bonavista Sea Scouts - 1 Piece Ghost MooseNeed
144th Lake Bonavista Sea Scouts - 3 Piece Ghost MooseNeed
169th Glen AllenNeed
175 SouthwoodNeed
178th Thunder BayNeed
193 Edgemont 58 Thorncliff 186 Ranchlands 38 Simons Creek 4 TriwoodNeed
193rd Village on the Lake and 203rd Sherwood ParkNeed
199 Beddington 127 Huntington HillsNeed
199 Beddington 127 Huntington Hills - 3 PieceNeed
207 St. Patricks Scout Group CalgaryNeed
215th Strathcona - Hat - 3 PieceNeed
215th Strathcona - WhaleNeed
239 Northern Hills - 1 PieceNeed
239 Northern Hills - 3 PieceNeed
239 Northern Hills - 3 Piece RedNeed
245th Calgary Arbour LakeNeed
392nd ThornhillNeed
C2C Full Map - 1 PieceNeed
C2C Full Map - 1 Piece (With Joe for scale)Need
C2C Full Map - 13 PieceNeed
C2C Full Map - 13 Piece (With James for Scale)Need
C2C Full Map - 13 Piece (With corrected Nova Scotia)Need
C2C Part 1 NunavutNeed
C2C Part 2 North West Territories - Yellowknife ScoutingNeed
C2C Part 3 Yukon - 1st WhitehorseNeed
C2C Part 4 British Columbia - 6th Central SurreyNeed
C2C Part 5 Alberta - 40th EdmontonNeed
C2C Part 6 Saskatchewan - 1st WestminsterNeed
C2C Part 7 Manitoba - 67th WinnipegNeed
C2C Part 8 Ontario - 31st LondonNeed
C2C Part 9 Quebec - Beaconsfield HeightsNeed
C2C Part 10 Newfoundland and Labrador - 1st TorbayNeed
C2C Part 11 PEI - 1st East RoyaltyNeed
C2C Part 12 New Brunswick - 1st Evergreen ParkNeed
C2C Part 13 Nova Scotia - 1st Portland EstatesNeed
Orca Coast PatrolNeed
Orca Coast Patrol - Blue GhostNeed
Saskatchewan Group SetNeed
South West Nova Region setNeed
St LuckoverNeed
West Ferris FourNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Pins/Buttons/Coins
31st London Scouts PinNeed
Cavagnal Scouts ButtonNeed
Planning Team - PinNeed
Puffin PinNeed
Saskatchewan PinNeed
Thank You PinNeed
Wheel PinNeed
Work Week 2016 - I was there buttonNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Clothing
1st High River HoodieNeed
1st Omemee Patrol - T-ShirtNeed
3rd Ajax - T-ShirtNeed
4th Squamish Sea Scouts - T-ShirtNeed
10th Waterloo T-Shirt - FrontNeed
10th Waterloo T-Shirt - BackNeed
31st Guelph and 1st Elmira Seagoats - ShirtsNeed
125th TrailSeekers - Jacket 1Need
125th TrailSeekers - Jacket 2Need
125th TrailSeekers - Jacket DetailNeed
144th Lake Bonavista Sea Vents HoodieNeed
Candian Path T-ShirtNeed
China Taiwan UniformNeed
New Brunswick Council Clothing DesignNeed
Newfoundland and Labrador HatNeed
Newfoundland and Labrador HoodieNeed
Nova Scotia Clothing DesignNeed
Nova Scotia HoodieNeed
Past Jamboree T-Shirt - FrontNeed
Past Jamboree T-Shirt - BackNeed
PEI Clothing DesignNeed
Scout Shop Kit - Baseball Cap - PuffyNeed
Site Services T-ShirtNeed
Wellington Contingent HoodieNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Other
2nd Barrington StickerNeed
5th Cole Harbor YoYoNeed
24th Kitchener BannerNeed
Acrylic KeychainNeed
Canvas BagNeed
Centennial Trail Subcamp ScarfNeed
Custom KeychainNeed
Embroidered WoggleNeed
Embroidered Woggle FoldedNeed
Freedom Trail Subcamp ScarfNeed
Ft McMurray FlagNeed
Fundy Trail Subcamp ScarfNeed
Ganaraska Trail Subcamp ScarfNeed
Gold Rush Trail Subcamp ScarfNeed
Leather StoolNeed
Leather WoggleNeed
Le P'tit Train Du Nord Trail Subcamp ScarfNeed
Lighthouse Geocaching CoinNeed
Luggage TagNeed
Lunenburg License PlateNeed
OOS ScarfNeed
Paper BagNeed
Planning Team ScarfNeed
Puffin Geocaching CoinNeed
Scout Shop Kit - Luggage TagNeed
Saskatchewan Baggage TagNeed
Saskatchewan ScarfNeed
Saskatchewan WoggleNeed
Souvenir ButtonNeed
Trans Canada Trail Subcamp ScarfNeed
Whistle - Burlington FundraiserNeed
Wrist BandsNeed
Yellowknife OOS Woggle - BlackNeed
Yellowknife OOS Woggle - Black ErrorNeed
Yellowknife OOS Woggle - Brown ErrorNeed
Yellowknife OOS Woggle - Pink ErrorNeed
Yellowknife OOS Woggle - Yellow ErrorNeed
13th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'17 - Non-CJ
Rex MoirNeed
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